Dr. Kimberly Besuden

Dr. Kimberly Besuden DC, CFMP has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician with over 30 years of experience in the health care field. She graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Education and Exercise Physiology. She worked as an educator as well as taught in the Orange County Public School system in the mid 80’s. She continued her passion for wellness by creating a personal training company called “Ultimate Fitness”. She then went on to complete her Chiropractic education and training at Life University in Marietta, GA in 1994 where she was awarded “Clinician of the Year” at graduation. Later that year, Dr. Besuden began her own practice, one in Winter Park, FL and the other in Eustis, Florida. She continues to practice in Eustis, FL to this day.

As a prolific speaker at various national chiropractic events over the last three decades, Dr. Besuden is widely considered to be one of the leading educational & motivational speakers in the field and is a respected name in the world of functional healthcare.

An entrepreneur to boot, she runs a successful business called The Health Factor as a Practice Coach for Healthcare Professionals looking for guidance and support. As an author and frequent radio guest and contributor to magazines, newsletters, and online journals she regularly shares insights, education and specific life and wellness tools with audiences from all over the world.

When Dr. Besuden is not practicing, coaching or speaking, her passion is cycling. She is a 4 time Gold Medal National Champion in the Senior Games. Her dedication, motivation and drive shines through in everything she does both in practice and in her personal life.

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