Dr. Tatiana Habanova

Dr. Tatiana Habanova, a board-certified Chiropractic Neurologist on a noble mission to ignite the fires of self-empowerment in women’s brain health. With over 25 years of clinical expertise, she’s the mastermind behind the Palm Beach Brain Center, a state-of-the-art neuroperformance and concussion clinic, and the visionary CEO of Women’s Brain Health Education, shining a beacon of enlightenment for high-achieving midlife women.

Spurred by her passion for brain health and reshaping the culture and conversations around cognitive decline, Dr. Habanova combines her clinical expertise with a heartfelt approach to help more visionary women make their impact in the world by being cognitively unstoppable! She hosts the Women’s Brain Health podcast which inspires listeners with real conversations on demystifying cognitive decline and empowers them to thrive with midlife brilliance.

More recently, Dr. Habanova has become a sought-after Business Success Strategist & Coach and founded Habanova Consulting to support clinicians who crave a healthier work-life balance and want to transition into sharing their expertise through premier concierge-style programs, online signature courses and memberships.

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